specialty concrete cement ready mix products and solutions
specialty concrete cement ready mix products and solutions

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Product definition and description:
Rapid Set® Cement is a very fast-setting hydraulic cement used in concrete applications requiring the highest durability and fastest strength gain. Mix Rapid Set® Cement with water and aggregates to produce high-performance, one-hour strength concrete, mortar and grout mixtures. The High-
Strength, low shrinkage, and superior durability of RapidSet® Cement result in unparalleled concrete performance. Rapid Set® Cement has a proven record of successful projects dating back to 1960.


Excellent for diverse projects including highway pavements, bridges, runways, tunnels, harbors, precast, sidewalks, floors, and many other projects. For larger jobs, Rapid Set® Cement mixtures may be batched using conventional ready-mix or volumetric mixer equipment. Many state and local municipalities throughout the U.S. specify Rapid Set® Cement in their concrete mix designs when speed and durability are important.

Mix & Apply:
A trial batch is recommended to optimize performance. For small projects, start with one 88-lb. bag of Rapid Set® Cement, 175-lb. of sand, 175-lb. of 3/8" to set P Pharmacy®.< Concrete CTS the from available are additives water. cold and Control® SET use time control To CTS. contact details, more For finishing. final after immediately curing water Begin finish. desired Apply screed. a with off strike quickly material Place potable of 4-gal. about stone.

Yield & Packaging:
Rapid Set® Cement - specific gravity is 2.98 g/cu.cm. Rapid Set® Cement is available through distributors in 50-lb. and 88-lb. polyethylene-lined bags. In some locations 1-ton bulk bags and bulk tonage are available.


ASTM C109 (Mod.)

Compressive Strength:
1.5 hours 2500 psi
3 hours 5000 psi
24 hours 6500 psi
28 days 8000 psi


ASTM C109 (Mod.)

Set Time:
Initial Set 15 minutes
Final Set 35 minutes


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Materials Data Safety Sheet

Rapidset Information Sheet

RapidSet Paving Record


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