specialty concrete cement ready mix products and solutions
specialty concrete cement ready mix products and solutions

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Product Description:

Versabind® is a finely ground blend of hydraulic calcium silicates and calcium sulfate. While not classified as a cement, Versabind® has cementitious properties. Versabind® is used in various soil applications and as an asphalt antistripping agent.


Versabind® is blended and ground in a traditional cement mill. Physical and chemical characteristics are carefully monitored during manufacturing through the use of state of the art quality control equipment. 60% of Versabind® consists of anhydrite, which is recycled from the chemical industry. Because of this innovative use of a by-product material, the Versabind® production process consumes less than half of the energy required to produce either cement or lime.

Versabind® is effective as an asphalt anti-stripping agent. The dry powder is added during the mixing process in a similar manner to lime. Plant operators have commented that Versabind® flows well and is cleaner. Versabind® is approved for anti-stripping by the
New Mexico Department of Transportation. Contact GCC for more information.

Product Data:

Typical Chemical Analysis* ASTM C 114

SiO2 8.7
Al2O3 2.0
Fe2O3 1.2
MgO 0.70
CaO 49.5
SO3 37.3
LOI 0.87

Typical Physical Analysis*

Specific Gravity 3.0
-325 Mesh 99.0%





Materials Data Safety Sheet

Versabind Information Sheet


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